Playing casino games as a team building exercise is the hot new idea. We have multiple companies contact us because they are curious how our team building exercises work. Today’s blog will discuss how we structure the gameplay to increase team cohesion in your business.


We schedule a date, time, and location, discuss the amount players who will be attending, and pick a table package that best fits these criteria. Once this is complete, we gather information about your company. For example, your goals, your mission, and the overall objectives you want your employees to complete. We will use this information to help us better understand your company as a whole and how to structure the team building exercise to fit your needs.

Our casino tables are hand-crafted with real wood.

How Casino Team Building Works

15 minutes will be allowed for teams to discuss strategy and a plan of action at the beginning of the session. Your team will have a total of 90 minutes to play the casino games before the chips are counted and a winner is determined. Teams will “round robin” each casino game every 30 minutes until they have successfully played all three. Each team will be given the opportunity to increase their chip count by successfully answering trivia questions that are company specific.

Characteristics of Successful Teams

The teams that usually come out with the highest chip count at the end of the session display the following characteristics:

Objective 1: Team leaders display proper delegation techniques when determining which participant on their team is knowledgeable about certain casino games.

Objective 2: Teams work together and create a strategy that best fits each casino game and execute that strategy successfully.

Objective 3: Teams display proper communication techniques during play when adjustments to strategies are necessary.

Tips from Previous Winning Teams

We realize that not everyone will be knowledgeable about the different casino game types, which is why we have given a few examples written below that can be handed out to your teams if necessary. It may be a good idea to ask your participants to brush up on their casino game tutorials before they attend the team building exercise.


  1. Always play your hand assuming the dealer is hiding a card with the value of 10. For example, if the dealer is showing a 4, then you assume that he/she has a total of 14. Since the dealer must stand on 17 or higher, use this information to your advantage if you think a bust card is coming. Your team can skip taking extra cards in the hopes that the dealer busts. Your team wins more chips in total if the dealer busts.
  2. Put your best player in “The Anchor” position because he will be the last line of defense when determining if he/she should take another card or allow the dealer to bust. The anchor position is the last position before the dealer.
Notice the dealer showing a 4 and the players didn’t see many face cards. A bust card could be coming for the dealer.


  1. Roulette is mainly a game of chance. There is no strategy to beat the system. Therefore, your team should focus more on changing betting amounts periodically to combat losses.
  2. Teams that focus higher bets on Black/Red or Even/Odd see success more often than betting large amounts on the Inside bets (1-36,0,00)


  1. Craps has one of the highest odds benefitting the player when compared to other casino games. Therefore, a player with the most knowledge of the game should decide what strategy is best.
  2. Focus on placing bets on numbers that have the highest chance of appearing on the dice. For example, 6 and 8 have five number combinations, while 5 and 9 have four number combinations. Meaning there is a higher chance of a 6 or an 8 showing up when compared to any other number (excluding the 7, which has six number combinations).

Company Specific Trivia Questions

During the team building exercise, each team will be given one (or more) questions at each table that are company specific. For example:

  1. Best practices of your business
  2. Company mission statement
  3. Company culture questions
  4. Management questions
  5. Company goals

We have a pool of standard questions to use for team building games if you would like to use those as well. Contact us for a free quote and take your teamwork to the next level with this unique casino game team building exercise.