20 Years of Experience

20 years of experience providing Dj services to Atlanta and the South East. With an almost unlimited song database at your disposal and the ability to plug and play your private playlists there is no atmosphere we can’t create through the gift of music.

We realize that you need a professional DJ that knows every aspect of hosting events. They need to be charismatic, outgoing, and possess the ability to interact with each individual to make sure all of your attendees have a memorable and fun experience. Eventricate’s professional DJs will work the room to your exact specifications. Do you want a DJ who can turn a party around and get everyone out on the dance floor? or do you need a professional DJ who will bring the party to a more romantic feel and slow dance the night away? We make it happen! Every single input that you give us will help us better prepare for the type of party you desire. We control the music and environment so you can focus on what really matters at your event.


Seeing two people get married in front of their friends and family is something that is very important to us. You are making the leap of faith with that special someone and deciding to spend the rest of your lives together. Your main focus should be on each other without the worry of who is controlling the atmosphere and ambiance. Let us take you for a romantic ride by hiring one of our professional DJs to handle all of your necessary song choices. Pre-wedding seating ambiance, wedding ceremony, bridal chorus, and reception, our DJ has knowledge of every aspect of this special day. You can have the standard wedding songs played in the order necessary throughout the entire ceremony or you can spice it up and have your own unique playlist upon request. From presenting the bride and groom’s family members to the last toast at the end of the night during the reception, Eventricate makes your music style feel magical. We know how important this decision is for you, and we appreciate you choosing us to be a first memory in a long life of love and happiness.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Watching your son or daughter take the next step in adulthood can’t be explained with words. Our children bring meaning to our lives and to watch him or her grow up and take responsibility for themselves is not so easily accomplished emotionally. You’re happy and sad at the same time, but proud none the less with their accomplishments. We can’t wait to help you celebrate the bar/bat mitzvah party afterwards! Let us control the atmosphere uniquely to your specifications and give you one less thing to worry about. Our DJs are prepared with the necessary equipment to handle all the music needs as well as initiate the speeches so your Son or Daughter can feel how much they are loved and how important they are to your family and friends.

Corporate Events

Corporate functions are the perfect time to unwind after a successful quarter or to celebrate holidays with the coworkers. We strive to set the correct atmosphere aligned with your specifications and make whatever event you are holding a memorable one for years to come. With our corporate friendly playlists you will feel at ease when we kick this party up a notch and bring all of your attendee’s to the dance floor. Have a playlist already setup and ready to go? no problem! we can plug and play your songs as well. Let loose and unwind while one of our professional DJs takes control of your corporate event.


For years Eventricate has been listening to all of your beautiful singing voices without judgment. Whether or not you think your voice could win you competitions or should be kept at home in the shower, Karaoke is the best time to bring together friends, family, or coworkers for an extremely entertaining experience. With an almost unlimited song playlist, our Eventricate DJ’s will allow all of you a turn to shout out your favorite show tune, or rock the socks off your attendee’s with that heavy metal talent you have been holding deep down inside. Professional Eventologists know what it takes to make a great party happen and will be able to convince even the most rigid of event goers to come up on stage and show their talent. Combine this Karaoke experience with our professional lighting and you will feel like you are the lead singer with your favorite band performing to a sold out show!

Pool Parties

Warm weather brings everyone together for a little rest, relaxation, and quality time with friends and family. Why not book one of our professional DJ’s at your next pool party to give it the necessary kick off celebration to the heat wave it deserves. Put on your best bathing suit, sit back on that floatie chair and sip on your beverage while we give your pool party the musical lift it requires. Custom playlists, unique playlists, themed playlists, or even use your own music! These Eventricate DJ’s are talented not only with the ability to turn your party into a memorable experience, but also to give your attendees the necessary atmosphere no one can match. Call us today to book a Master Eventologist and all of you will be raising your drinks to cheers before the day ends.

Fundraisers or Galas

Your event is extremely important to us, especially when that event is attempting to hit certain monetary goals throughout the night. Let one of our Eventricate DJ’s set the tone and get people excited about donating to your cause. We work together with all of our clients to make sure the proper combination of music and fun mixes seamlessly with donations and prizes. At your request, we will stop the music at certain benchmarks to create hype, or we can make the proper adjustments to fuel attendees into donating more and make sure your goals are met. Ultimately we are not happy unless you are satisfied with our services and strive to create the best possible event so you can relax while you watch that donation box fill to the brim!

Casino Parties

Ask any of our current clients and they will all tell you that Casino Parties are one of the most exciting experiences to date. The Vegas atmosphere, professional dealers, and high quality casino tables are no match for the competition. Now combine that with one of our professional DJ’s and that experience is kicked into high gear! We take control of your casino theme event with the proper music style and hype to get those attendees rolling the dice, doubling down, and going all in! Schedule a Master Eventologist today and you will quickly learn why we set ourselves above the rest.

Outdoor Movie Experience

Outdoor movies are becoming more and more popular these days. You probably have already been to one of those block parties where our giant 20 x 15 screen is setup in the front yard of your neighbor’s house. Our outdoor movie packages include a full sound system with 2000 watt broadcast power, 4000 lumen rear projector, and your own professional DJ to host the entire event. An Eventricate DJ will perform a 1 hour pre-show with interactive games and activities leading up to the start of the movie. We can play any movie that you provide upon approved licensing fee. Click below to schedule an outdoor movie for your child’s birthday party, block party, neighborhood get together, or a relaxing theatrical experience with your family.