Casino Parties

What are the most popular games in a casino event?

1st BlackJack: Simple to understand and explain and probably the most recognizable game 2nd Craps: Not everyone knows how to play, but they recognize the game for the famous dice rolling and gamblers yelling “come on 7!” 3rd Texas Holdem Poker: Growing in popularity more and more due to the online gambling and tournaments becoming mainstream. 4th Roulette: Slower paced, but still fun to watch that little white ball roll around to your number!

How many tables should I have?

Its a good rule of thumb to have 75% capacity of the total event attendance. This way we are always accomplishing two things. All of your tables are usually full at all times and accounting for guests that tend to be more social rather than playing the casino games. This is added value to the customer so they get the most out of their cost. Usually about 20% of a group is going to be dancing, taking photos, eating, or socializing.

How do I play the games?

If you don’t know how to play don’t panic! Our dealers will walk you through the simple rules of each game so you can have the most fun with little effort or knowledge. We also have multiple learning tutorials and strategies available on our site. Just click the “Learn” tab on the top menu to read more about each individual game.

How big are the tables?

All of our tables fit inside a 8×4 footprint and conveniently fit nearly any space. Whether its a downtown hotel ballroom or the rec room in your basement.

What can I expect time wise for the entire night? (With an average 100 person size)

Early setup for equipment will start 2.5 hours prior to start time Dealers will arrive 1 hour before start time Event start time 30 to 60 minutes of breakdown time post event Total 6.5 hours from start to finish

How are the dealers dressed?

Formal black and white attire with Eventricate logo vest. White shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes. They are looking formal and professional!

How many dealers are there?

There is 1 table per 1 dealer at your event If you want an additional talent such as a stick person for craps table we can do that as well.

Do I have to get one of the packages or can I custom build my event?

We provide these packages as a guidebook, but you are more than welcome to customize your event from start to finish. We strive to be a custom event planning service based on your unique specifications.

DJ Services

I have never hired a DJ before, what can I expect?

You should expect a DJ who is not just running your music, but also hosting your event. A friendly face making people feel welcome. Paying attention to the needs and wants of the crowd and someone who is having fun along with everyone else!

Are you Licensed and Insured

We are licensed, insured (workers comp and liability). Certificate of insurance can be presented upon request.

Can I personalize my playlist?

Of course you can! We give you access to an outline planning page that will not only allow you to place your request list but also access an events highlights page that will blueprint your entire evening allowing you to have a “hands” off experience. The reason we do this is so you can have fun with your guests as well! The evening will be completely personalized to make everything as streamlined as possible.

Do I need a DJ for my event?

We highly recommend a DJ for your event! it gives you the opportunity to have a second event for your guest to enjoy and it will satisfy more attendees by keeping an upbeat dance floor to accompany the fun happening at the casino tables. It also provides you with a host to be able to keep your guests informed of everything going on throughout the night. Prize giveaways, the start of meals, etc so you don’t have to worry about the timeline throughout the night!

Is your music radio friendly?

Yes, everything that we do is radio friendly. We are a family first company and all of our music is edited for content.

Are your DJ’s interactive?

Of course! Our DJ’s will do everything from announcements to getting people involved on the dance floor as well as leading steps of certain popular dances. From the wobble to the electric slide, Our DJ’s know how to turn up the party and get everyone involved. Want a more relaxed environment where not much interaction is need from our DJ? We can do that as well. You decide how you want us to handle the event and we provide necessary interaction.

Outdoor Movies

What size are your screens?

We have 4 different sizes: 15, 20, 32 and 40 foot screens.

Are your screens inflatable?

They will inflate on nearly any surface, as long as we can stake the ground to solidify the screen or use anchors to keep the screen pinned to the ground.

What can we start the movie?

Start time usually has to be at least after sun down on the date you have planned because ambient light kills the picture. Security lights and street lights could also affect your picture.

Do you supply the power?

Power can be provided at an additional cost. We will provide a 5000 watt generator to support your movie in its entirety. Otherwise power can be supplied by client within 100 feet of the setup area.

Do you supply the movie? Do I need a movie license?

Even though we do not supply the film as the outdoor movie licensing varies in price. We will provide you with the correct contact information to receive the correct license for your film. Its easy!

Do you provide any type of pre-show entertainment?

We provide 1 hour independent DJ show complete with music request and interactive activities leading up to the start of the film.