6/8 Come Again

6/8 Come again Strategy:(Low risk / Low reward) wait for the shooter to establish a point and then place bets on the 6, the 8 and then use COME bets to establish a total of 4 numbers in play. Use odds to your advantage behind the COME bets and place new COME bets after previous bets are paid out. 

Below is a step by step process.

  • Bet on pass line 
  • Wait for shooter to establish a POINT
  • POINT established
  • Place two bets, one on the 6 and one on the 8, then place a COME bet 
  • No CRAPS
  • Place another COME bet 
  • Once a total of 4 bets have been placed on 4 different numbers then the option to place odds on those come bets can be applied, but it is best to wait until all bets are recuperated for lower risk 

The Field

Field Strategy: (Medium risk/ Medium reward) (every loss starts the process over from beginning) You are at the risk of the dice with this strategy, its important to note that over a 2 hour span of different shooters, this strategy was profitable consistently. The concept is to use a combination of PRESSing and COLLECTing to decrease the house edge and maintain steady income. The following step by step process assumes the player hits their number in the field between bets. Restart to $10 minimum after each loss.

  • $10 Field bet (New Bet)
  • Win $10 
  • Press to $20 
  • Win $20 
  • $15 Field bet (New Bet)
  • Win $15 
  • Press to $30 
  • Win $30 
  • $25 base bet (New Bet)
  • Win $25
  • Press to $50
  • Win $50
  • $35 Field bet (New Bet)

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross: (High risk / High reward) The iron cross is a strategy that wins for every single roll of the dice except for the 7. If you are confident in a shooter not throwing a craps then this strategy is a perfect use for when the dice get hot. The bets for this strategy are the pass line to start, 5, 6, 8 and finally a field bet. Players should be PRESSING and COLLECTING to earn back their bets as quickly as possible in order to start creating a profit.  

Read below for step by step:

  • pass line bet 
  • Shooter establishes a POINT
  • Place bets on 5,6,8, field  
  • Odds behind the pass line can be bet as well. 
  • You can collect and press as much as you want, this will be the deciding factor on whether or not the players succeed. 
  • Players should make a choice to remove all pressed bets down to one unit in 4 rolls to prevent losing extra money when the shooter craps out.  

3 Point Don’t

  • 3 point don’t strategy: (opposes the success of the shooter) The great thing about this strategy is you will be waiting for one number to be rolled (7) to win all of your bets, but if any of the DC’s (DONT COME) are rolled you will only lose that single bet one at a time. (this of course unless the point is successful) 
  • Don’t pass line bet 
  • Shooter establishes a point
  • Place 3,4,5x odds behind don’t pass 
  • Place your DONT COME bet (place odds behind bet) 
  • Place another DONT COME bet. (place odds behind bet) 

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