Are you are planning a corporate or private function for your company?  Read this casino party checklist to better understand the process before hiring Eventricate.

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After first contacting Eventricate, a representative will walk you through all the details of your event from start to finish, but what should you expect when preparing for such a large occasion?  

The following casino party checklist is the top 10 things to expect when hiring Eventricate for your casino themed event. 

  1. How many people will be attending my event? Whether you are hosting a small 10 person private function or a 200+ person corporate event, the size of the party makes a difference when picking the venue and the correct amount of casino tables
  2. Where will my event be held? You cant have a successful party without the right venue. We showcase Atlanta venues on a monthly basis and recommend using those for the best deals possible, but we will deliver our services to any choice you make.
  3. What is the overall goal of this event? Are you trying to raise money for a cause? or are you simply having this event for entertainment purposes?
  4. How do you want the Eventricate host to act during your Event? Will the host need to be more outgoing and interact with attendees more closely? or will this event be a hands off approach?
  5. Will you be providing raffle prizes as incentive? Creating a prize at the end of the night for chip leaders will make a difference in how your attendees act throughout the night. Nothing gives better motivation than free giveaways!
  6. Will your event provide alcohol? Many corporate outings require limitations on beverages and will provide drink tickets at no extra cost, but once those tickets run out, the bar requires cash.
  7. How many different types of Casino Tables will you need? Most clients want a well rounded casino party that provides all different types of tables, but you can include or exclude any craps table, poker table, roulette table, and blackjack table you desire!
  8. What time will the event start and end? The start and end time are important so your Eventricate coordinator can properly adjust setup and breakdown time.
  9. Will you want to add music to your event? Most clients add a DJ and sound system during their Casino Party to increase the overall ambiance of the night. We have multiple options to choose from as well as Casino theme music!
  10. What is the overall theme of your event? If you are attempting to recreate the Vegas experience you may want to consider adding Vegas decor and even hiring a professional Showgirl to welcome your attendees!

What to Expect on Event Day

After getting familiar with the casino party checklist, what should you expect on event day?

Eventricate will show up to the event venue 2.5 hours before start time to setup your casino tables in a flow that best fits the style of the room. 

Dealers will arrive 1 hour before event start time and prep the casino tables with clay chips, cards, and markers if necessary. 

Your event coordinator will be working diligently with all moving pieces to make sure your needs are properly executed. 

Once your event officially starts and attendees start pouring in, the fun can finally begin. 

Throughout the remainder of the night, your Eventricate host will be coordinating with all attendees to make sure they are informed of gifts, prizes, and/or fundraising benchmarks (if any) that need to be relayed. 

When the event reaches the end, your Casino Party Coordinator will issue a “last call” for counting chips and each dealer will allow for one more set of bets from each player at the tables.  

Raffle tickets will be distributed and all attendees will enter into a drawing for the prizes and prize winners are chosen.  

Eventricate will close out the night with any remarks you wish to relay to your attendees. 

After the Event

Eventricate coordinators will collect clay chips, casino cards, and casino game tables as well as break down the rental décor, sound system and DJ equipment (if those items were included inside your Casino Night package.) 

The only thing left to do is wait for the praises from your coworkers! 

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